Advice: go showering together!

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Amsterdam – The Belgians have by the drought, a serious shortage of drinking water. They now get the adviesom zwembadjes in the garden with each other to share, but even also to work together to showering and so water to spare.

Showering together saves water, say the Belgians.

Carl Heyrman says on behalf of the water companies of Belgium told The Standard that he is counting on the creativity of the residents to conserve.

Car washing or lawn sprinkling is in any case severely discouraged. “A shower consumes a lot less than a bath, we all know that. The people can also together take a shower.”

According to him, the water consumption is fifty percent higher than normal. This allows the line pressure to go down to a level that there was nothing more from the tap.

It is now a ’code yellow’ in Belgium. When red goes to the water ration. That is, according to Heyrman not yet on the order.

According to weather forecasts, there is until the end of next week, little to no rain.

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