A thief comes to Antwerp

ccca590c638ed41b9d0b6bd64e128af2 - A thief comes to Antwerp

A French-Algerian rapper from the Netherlands. A vlogger with hundreds of thousands of followers. A fixed value in the Dutch rapscene. A good-for-nothing. Just Crook man.

Since his Zonamo session in 2015, and EP ‘Just a Villain’ in 2016 is quickly gone for Sofiane Boussaadia aka Crook. Even before his debut album ‘sleep deprivation’ in march 2017 on the market appeared, he had, with his popular vlogs already have an extensive fan base developed. ‘Sleep deprivation’ meant the ultimate breakthrough. He was with the platinum album, the worldwide #28 most-streamed artist in the weekend of albumrelease! The overwhelming success of hit single “Habiba” of course a lot to do. The video for this track went viral far beyond the borders of the country and, with nearly 50 million streams, the most viewed Dutch video clip of all time! For the album Crook by the way along with some personalities from the Dutch music scene, as Lil’ Small, Sevn Alias, Ronnie Flex and Ali B.

Crook has with “Turn It Around” a brand new single and announces today concertnieuws. On Thursday, October 18, he brings his infectious beats and unadulterated texts live to the stage of Trix in Antwerp. Tickets for the concert this coming Saturday at 10 am in sales.

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