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A lot of fans for Belgium, England, Panama Tunisia less popular

Thursday night looked 2.013.933 Flemish people live or slightly delayed to the match of the Red Devils against England-on-one.

The match was good for a market share of 77.2 percent, reports the public broadcaster Friday. The peak occurred at around 21.50 hours, with 2.112.974 viewers or a market share of 80.9 percent.

The game Belgium-England is the sixth best-viewed world cup match of the past 20 years. The match broke no kijkcijferrecord, because a lot of people because of the warm weather on the large screens or in a cafe went to look.

The match Belgium-Panama June 18, is on the fifth place of the best-viewed match in the last 20 years, with 2.068.476 viewers. Also the match Belgium-Tunisia from June 23, with 1.691.953 observing eyes are still just in the top ten.

On Ketnet was Panama Tunisia broadcast, but there were only 3.798 observing eyes for that match. Both countries were, before the commencement of the contest, all off of the world cup, because both Belgium and England have already qualified. Tunisia won against Panama (1-2).

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