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Wozniak: Ethereum will survive the Hype and prevail

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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak is known to be Bitcoin, Blockchain and Ethereum Supporter. In a recent Interview to CNBC, he reiterated again that he thinks that the market is in a bubble, but the best projects will survive.

On the NEX Technology conference in New York, Steve Wozniak compares the Hype to Blockchain and crypto-currencies with the Dot-Com Era, which hit the market in the year 2000.

Nevertheless, he also describes that those companies that plan for the long term and stable development, push forward will survive with a real product. On this list, Ethereum is for him. The real practical application, as well as the possibility for a programmer, good survival characteristics (freely translated) are to advance their own projects for him:

If you look now, you will see that the development of the Internet has needed a lot of time, but we got it, it only lasted for a while. It does not change in a day, many of the Blockchain-ideas that are really good, if you come out early, can’t burn themselves if they are ready to be stable in the long term.

On the Wearedevelopers conference in may in Vienna, Wozniak was comparing Ethereum with Apple and certified to the Ecosystem of Ethereum similar potential, such as Apple. Especially the complexity and the various applications of Ethereum are strong characteristics for Wozniak.

Which crypto currencies actually survive in the long term, can not be said to be, of course, but one thing is clear. There will be a natural Selection, which clears the market and it will survive only those projects that can demonstrate an actual use case for the practice. We are convinced that Ethereum is one of the winners.

The course of Ethereum moves within the last 24 sideways, and occurs on the spot with a mini – course, down 0.59 percent to a price of 376,25 Euro per Coin. With a market capitalization of just under 37,758 billion euros Ethereum currencies continues to be seen 2 of the greatest Crypto in the world.

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