Woman shoots rare giraffe: ’Wow, 900 kilos of meat!’

70fbac78e6fcdc03615c2ed18bfac62b - Woman shoots rare giraffe: ’Wow, 900 kilos of meat!’

JOHANNESBURG – An American ’trophy hunter’ goes viral on social media after pictures of a shot giraffe placed on social media, accompanied by comments that conservationists are furious.

This photo shared Tessa Thompson Talley, accompanied by a few compassionate caption.

Tessa Thompson Talley, a blonde, with shiny sunglasses, has pictures of different shot animals in South Africa shared, including an antelope. One photo led to a large uproar. “This is a dream come true. Once in a lifetime. I saw this rare black giraffe, a male, and stalkte him for a while. I knew: this is ’m. He was 18 years old, weighed nearly two thousand pounds, and I am blessed to 900 pounds of meat of him.”

Conservationists shared the photo and quickly went Talley viral. “White American primitieveling, partly a descendant of a neanderthal man, comes to Africa and shoot a rare giraffe death, courtesy of South African stupidity,” wrote AfricaDigest. “If the government is our nature does not protect, we have to do it yourself. Her name is Tessa Thompson Talley. Share this.”

Talley received dozens of angry responses, and now has her social media accounts are not public, and the offending image removed. Her name is wandering now all over the internet as the epitome of disrespect that foreigners to the wonders of nature on the African continent to look, in the eyes of the local population.

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