Winston Post plays himself in Soof the musical

7bfc3d99bdf9e66f6ab0870ac8461564 - Winston Post plays himself in Soof the musical

Winston Post plays no longer the role of Jim in the musical Soof. He is now as to see itself in the musical, which is based on the successful movie of 2013.

In the musical there are several references to Winston. So is the presenter of the RTL cooking show the Netherlands to taste, to see in the kitchen and is a nod made to Winstons role in Hallo K3!, in which he is the upstairs neighbour of the three singers performed. “It is not purely a gimmick,” says a spokesperson of the production. “This fit better in the script.”

After a number of proefvoorstellingen in november and december was the script adjusted “on the occasion of the publieksreacties and indicate the creatives.” Against RTL said Winston that “it is strange for myself to play, but also extremely special to do.”

Instead of for Jim is the main character Soof is now for Winston. The protagonist in the Soof the musical, which is on 18 november in premiere and then in the whole country to see, is played by Maike Boerdam. Also, Noël van Santen and Julia Nauta play in the musical.

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