Winners ‘Belgium’s Got Talent’ from each other

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Ian (20) and Tascha (19) came at the end of may as the winners out of the bus in the talent show ‘Belgium’s Got Talent VTM. Together they formed an acrobatic couple, but also next to the stage were the two together. Until recently, because now it seems the relationship is over.

Flanders was under the impression of the acrobatic dansduo, even more so because Ian never had danced before. To their own surprise, they won the fifth edition of Belgium’s Got Talent. That gave them 50,000 euros, but it also led to extra pressure on their relationship. That they told a time back in the Day All.

That the two 100 km from each other to live, made it harder. “During the school year we see each other, especially in the weekends, but in the exam period, it is impossible. We see each other now just slightly too little”, Ian said when. The couple told frankly that their relationship is better ran for Belgium’s Got Talent. They hoped each other to find it again after the exam period, but in vain. Natascha Van Es, such as Tasha real name, changed in the meantime, her Facebookstatus from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’.

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