What if you the death of your child on your conscience?

f3811707c4cf887ced23822b4f384b35 - What if you the death of your child on your conscience?

Parents that their baby behind in the car and the baby then forgotten, while the hot is. You hear sometimes on the news, but it doesn’t seem to grasp. However, it happens more often. In the United States, there is even a name: Forgotten Baby Syndrome.

In the United States die each year an average of forty children after their parents have forgotten and left behind in a car. It happened in 2004, Doug Major. He forgot his daughter of four, Kirsten: “We walked along to the crèche. I looked in the book, to Kirsten to write and saw that I registered. And then when clicked anything. I don’t know what, but I knew immediately that something was wrong. And I began to walk. I walked to the back of the car and opened the suitcase open. And there she lay. She was out of her car seat and crawled, but went not out of the car.” Kirsten died from suffocation. She was four.

It is one of the heartbreaking stories, told by ouderparen which unfortunately all have one thing in common with each other. Their child died in an overheated car… by absentmindedness. One oblivion, the consequences of which are unforeseeable. But it can happen to anyone, according to the report. Young, old, skilled or unskilled. Rich or poor. Man or woman.

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