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VRT does code of ethics develop for advertising

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The VRT does a code of ethics around advertising development. That has the public broadcaster in the margin of the discussion about advertising for online gambling website attached to Flemish Mediaminister Sven Gatz (Open VLD).

The VRT got last days a lot of criticism to swallow because there are ads for online gambling before and after matches of the world cup. It was mainly to sponsorboodschappen of online gambling website Unibet and Napoleon Games.

Gatz had Thursday to say that hours of contact with the VRT, and urged it to ” a code of ethics around advertising, just as there is a code of ethics for journalism’. “The VRT has confirmed to me that they are on that question would go in and short-term steps will convert,” says Gatz.

‘A blind man can see that the last few years a lot more presence of gambling companies in the society”, continued the minister. “That can give rise to certain social problems. It is not a good evolution.’

‘We adapt’

According to VRT spokesman Bob Vermeir is the advertising policy of the public broadcaster are already stricter than the law prescribes, but times have changed. “In the 80’s there was a program on television just before the evening news, containing the latest results of betting on horse racing. The society has evolved and today can’t do that anymore. We adapt ourselves to it.”

‘Advertising for gambling is actually advertising for something you get addicted to can get’, says Vermeir. ‘So we must also look at what other addictions may arise, and any other advertising as offensive may be seen.’

In the meantime, there is no gokreclame more broadcast around the world cup games. The Belgian Association of Gaming Operators has its members called for no more advertising to run from 15 minutes for the matches of the Red Devils to 15 minutes after.

Total ban?

SP.A and Green had previously understood that they have a total ban on gokreklame on tv and radio wanted. They were therein partly bijgetreden by CD&V and N-VA. But according to minister Gatz, consumer protection, and that is a federal matter.

“The federal government has a bill ready,” he said Thursday, even on questions of Imade Annouri (Green), Wilfried Vandaele (N-VA) and Katia Segers (SP.A). ‘A commercial block is the number of possible spots for providers of online sports betting is limited to one. Further, at each spot, the minimum age to be named and the words “bet mate”.’

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