VRT celebrates the Flemish holiday

4409bd5bb3bb0565226739b2088996ef - VRT celebrates the Flemish holiday

On 11 July, the Flemish holiday, uniting many people engage themselves in various events to the Flemish community to honor. Also at the VRT, everything is in character of the holiday.

That day, Linda The Win for Villa Politica at the Brussels city hall for a report of the ceremonies. Radio 2 brought for an appropriate feestlied (Barbara Dex), also plays the radio station live from the Grand-place in Brussels, the Flemish top 100. MNM will then make place for Flemish music in The Ochtendshow. Klara chooses to Flemish composers and performers to highlight, while Radio 1 position on the main speeches and festivities around the Flemish holiday. More importantly perhaps: where will the event take place? This year, once again there is Flanders party!, a grand musical show in which Peter Van de Veire different artists on stage welcomes as Niels Destadsbader, Urban, Mama’s Jasje, K3, Dana Winner, Tinne Oltmans, Slongs, and the list is much longer! Under the leadership of the band of Miguel Wiels bring the artists Flemish classics and Dutch hits.

This year, the live show, however, what used to be scheduled, to 18h . Good to the atmosphere to get to the semi-finals of the world cup football starts.

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