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TV-TWO: “ICOs without a product of yesterday”

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Today, the fifth and last edition of the weekly article series with experience reports of the alignment of the ICOs. Every Thursday gave us the Team of TV-TWO insights into your business and your current ICO.

The days are gone have taken in which ICOs solely on the Basis of a white paper and a website million. The focus of the ICO participants to projects that have already reached the first milestones on the way to your Vision back. Good indicators for such projects, the GitHub history, a available Beta Version with a large user base as well as verifiable relations to customers and business partners.

TV-TWO is a good example: Although the ICO is not over yet, the company is presenting the Community already marketable product. Already 4.000 users to use the Testnet Version of the Smart TV App TV-TWO for Samsung and LG. With the applied technology team was able to win RTL2 and 20 Century Fox of Germany for cooperation. The German CFO of 20th Century Fox commented a few days ago to the common Deadpool 2 campaign.

The Product

According to the ICO TV-TWO wants to revolutionize the TV market. Worldwide, there are over 700 million Smart TVs, of which more than half of Samsung and LG are manufactured. Both platforms offer the possibility of paid-for pre-installation of Apps. Here, the Team looks to be a refined way to increase the range quickly to several million users. The first to market in the local, English-speaking market will be addressed.

The Technology

Superficially, Machine Learning and Computer Vision technology delivers a personalized Video Stream for TV TWO. The core of the project lies in the applied Ethereum Blockchain, which is transparency for producers and advertisers is guaranteed.

Here, it impresses with a sensible Protocol Innovation to solve the current problems of scalability. TV-TWO sets on State Channel technology, initiated by the µRaiden project of the Raiden Networks, the Blockchain use case for more transparent television advertising. The Smart Contracts are Open-Source and can be viewed on the team’s own GitHub.

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