Trump may re-member Supreme court choose

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FARGO – President Donald Trump wants the new member of the Us Supreme court for at least 40 years, the court can serve.

“We must choose someone who is there for 40, 45 years,” said Trump during a meeting in the city of Fargo in North Dakota. He responded to the message that Anthony Kennedy is departing as a member of the Supreme court.

Same-sex marriage

Kennedy, a moderate conservative, was in 1988 appointed by then-president Ronald Reagan. He took in a few important decisions, however, behind the liberals and thereby made no friends in the conservative camp. So he agreed for the same-sex marriage. Kennedy next month to 82 years and at the end of July with a pension.

Anthony Kennedy leave as a member of the Supreme court.

Trump said Wednesday that he has a list of 25 candidates that he put together during his campaign for the presidential elections. He wants to “as soon as possible” with a successor, on which the Senate will decide.

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