Three new ambassadors for Villa Joep

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Televisiepresentatoren Ruben Nicolai, Evelyn Bush and comedian Richard Groenendijk are the new ambassadors of Villa Joep. Villa Joep is committed to more research into neuroblastoma, an aggressive and rare form of cancer.

Ruben Nicolai

Ruben Nicolai and Evelyn Bush open Friday afternoon in the Princess Máxima Centre for childhood oncology group in Utrecht is a meeting and conference room of Villa Joep. They do that together with Herman den Blijker, announced Villa Joep Thursday. Villa Joep is an active partner of the Princess Máxima Centre.

Ruben Nicolai: “I’m just getting started for Villa Joep and the enormous commitment of the volunteers spoke to me immediately. Children should not be sick. They need to play, have fun, and slowly the life learning. Not at such a young age, with such a severe illness to be confronted. If there is any chance to save the children, we must all stand for it. What I find very beautiful is that many parents of children, Villa Joep support. That you are with your grief in your own bubble, but you you you bet for others: really hats off!”

Evelyn Bush says deeply touched by the stories of the sick children: “The way in which the parents of Joep, the foundation have managed to put down and such a huge growth, have managed to achieve is not only very special but also inspiring.”

In addition to Reuben and Evelyn also has cabaretier Richard Groenendijk a ambassadeursrol accepted. “After I had read and started talking about the low chances of survival, the achievements and the ambitions, I was convinced that I am happy for Villa Joep. It clicked. But I also have the despair of parents of a child with a rare disease at close quarters. That will not let you go,” says Richard Groenendijk.

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