This temptress makes her comeback in Temptation Island!

f0b2d4dd28079f4cb1e65e825f95aaa9 - This temptress makes her comeback in Temptation Island!

Already from the first episode of Temptation Island VIPS was clear that no one less than Alex Maas would come back in the show to ’dirty things’ with the girl from Niels. But now it seems that the retractor muscle can not the only tempter is coming back in the program.

Thursday it is time again for a brand new episode of Temptation Island VIPS and it appears that there is a seductress from a previous season comes back. Almost beyond recognition and veiled brings a sexy lady a visit to Rowena, Rosanna, Amijé and Gelina.

Amijé soon notice that this is not just a visit, because they eyes of the dancer recognized. Her hunch turned out to be correct: “I’m back and I” m better,” says Zwanetta when she her veil. “I am the temptation of Donny.” Shortly thereafter, she leaves to the mannenvilla.

Although there are dirty games are played on the island, get the men and women have equal opportunities. Also when the women get the male seducers gain and makes Alex finally got his comeback.

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