This Is Us-kinderster (10) gets off to bullies

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One of the young actors from hbo’s hit series This Is Us gave Wednesday online bullies them along in a video that he has on social media placed. Lonnie Chavis (10) put also children who are bullied be a heart under the belt.

Lonnie Chavis

The actor, who is the young version of Randall plays in the series, has a gap between his front teeth and see this regularly with hateful comments in the past. “Yes, I have a gap between my teeth. That I can fix,” says Lonnie in the video. “Braces can my teeth fiksen, but you can also get your heart repair?”

The young star highlighted in the video, the seriousness of bullying. “Children commit suicide because you hated and getrol and all that crazy stuff. That is so stupid. Is that really fun? No, you hurt people. People end their lives, and you are the ones that they have to convert. Really, a lot your heart.”

Itself can Lonnie is shut down for the criticism. “I am happy that I have to deal with it. I can, I flip not,” he says. “But there are also children.. If you are looking at here, don’t be crazy. Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Be yourself. Believe in yourself.”

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