These artists come to Flanders Party

30d6750422a87cdb107a9912fbff6950 - These artists come to Flanders Party

One celebrates the Flemish national Day on July 11 with the musical show Vlaanderen feest!, live from the Grand Market in Antwerp. Peter Van de Veire brings a vast amount of Flemish artists. Under the leadership of the band of Miguel Wiels, they bring a mix of the biggest Flemish classics and contemporary Dutch-language hits. Niels Destadsbader is present and not only brings his current hit single ‘Capture me’, but gives the viewer a lesson in West-Flemish. Urban let the whole square rock and Mommy’s Jacket still brings a time of their first big hit ‘So far away’.
Also on the bill: K3, Dana Winner, Steracteur Sterartiest-finalists Tinne Oltmans and Michiel De Meyer, Slongs, Guga Baul, Barbara Dex, Yves Segers of Toast and The Romeo’s with a special verrassingsgast. The live show is this year exceptionally at 18: 00 broadcast, and is the perfect warming up for the semi-finals of the world cup.

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