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These are our potential opponents in the eighth-final round: Colombia wins group, Japan on thanks to fairplay

5947146e71d180e34e56ed48d86cff26 - These are our potential opponents in the eighth-final round: Colombia wins group, Japan on thanks to fairplay

The decision is cases in group H. And it is not the expected outcome. By a victory of Colombia against Senegal (0-1) and an identical result in Japan against Poland and Colombia, with six points, suddenly the top of their group. Senegal and Japan ended up with an equal number of points and an identical goal difference. As Japan is ‘only’ four yellow cards picked up against six for Senegal, it is Japan that go to the eighth finals. Belgium is top of their group, than meets the Japan. A second place in our group delivers one-eighth final against Colombia.

The Japanese depended on advance rich. With four points and a match against the already disabled Poland could be the qualification for them not to escape. At the same time had to Colombia is full to the bucket against Senegal. Only when profit could be the South Americans beyond Senegal to their place in the quarter-final to secure.

But the Colombians could at no time in their ambition hard. Star player James Rodriguez fell off soon so that Colombia are the most creative and effective player could no longer use. Falcao, a striker on the way back, was not a crack to be found in the Senegalese defence. For the Africans didn’t have directly. They confine themselves to disciplined controlevoetbal with a sporadic jab. On one of those prick was Sadio Mané by Sanchez correctly of the ball. Ref Mazic whistled first penalty kick, but came after the intervention of the VAR will still be his decision back.

Also after the peace was for Colombia is first and foremost a contest of like to but can’t. The history of the boys from the Andes was not of that nature to the robust Senegalese to worry. Until a corner kick in the 74th minute. The opgerukte Barcelona-defender Yerry Mina bounced the highest and buffelde the leather untenable past the Senegalese goalkeeper. And so suddenly, Colombia is not only inserted but also a group leader.

Surprisingly Poland beats Japan



0 – 1


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In the other party knew Japan that it should not lose the already disabled Poland. But that clearly had no meaning in a third defeat in a row. Japan refused to take risks, the Poles wanted to be but proved initially unable to ex-Lierse – Standard goalkeeper Kawashima to threaten, all he had to do his class show on a header from Grosicki. The Japanese, however, there were to feel free, and paid therefor after the break, a price. A free-kick from Kurzawa ended up on the foot of defender Bednarek and who knew no mercy. Zero-one for Poland and Japan virtually disabled as Senegal and Colombia together at that time, still in perfect balance kept. It led to a nail-biting final. Japan wanted to score but knew that the tegendoelpunt more if swallowing, Senegal found itself in a similar situation. The race in Japan was something used to be done, the Asians had to wait for the final signal in the party. When that fell, knew the Japanese with their joy not stay.

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