The Show, A Tribute To ABBA at forest National

The Show, A Tribute To ABBA at forest National

ABBA has its place in the history of music more than earned. THE SHOW will also be the 45th anniversary of ABBA’s first single, People Need Love, not go unnoticed. In addition they treat the public to the greatest hits of ABBA into a 2 hour show.

THE SHOW is not just another cheap ABBA-lookalike. What THE SHOW really apart, is that the two singers are not only strong on Agnetha and Anni-Frid are similar, but that they are also so similar to sing that even the most critical fans immediately convinced.

The music in THE SHOW is played by the Swedish band Waterloo, supported by The National Symphony Orchestra of London. The public can also look forward to the legendary saxophonist Ulf Andersson, one of the original musicians of ABBA.

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