Sylvana Simons ready with questions about weight

486ea3bcc271c4606248a1e54838dce0 - Sylvana Simons ready with questions about weight

Sylvana Simons is counting on Instagram significantly with the people who critique her weight. The last time she gets told that she is too thin and gets them regularly, the question presented to whether they have an eating disorder. And that picks up the politician.

On Instagram, writes Sylvana: “This photo is ten years ago. When no one ever me asked “whether I would be good at” or asked “have you lost weight?” or “are you sick?” or the word “anorexia” in the mouth took. No, not really. I’m not lost, I was apparently always been slim. Apparently. So stop with the questions.”

In the time that the photograph was taken was Sylvana, incidentally, is still a model and presenter.

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