Susan Smith wants the children to the book-crossing centre

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Susan Smith is in action, come to children during the summer holidays to read. It is Thursday with a suitcase full of book-crossing centre to primary school The Kinderboom in Amsterdam and has children of group 4 are read out from Dolfje Weerwolfje. After the reading were 160 children a zwerfboek to take home.

The action is intended to stimulate children to keep reading during the summer holidays. If they do not, their reading level decline. For children who are not at home a lot of books or do not have easy access to a library in the Netherlands 2300 KinderzwerfboekStations where free books can be chosen.

The Kinderzwerfboek is an initiative of the National Fund for Children and encourages children in the Netherlands to read books.

The voorleesmoment of Susan Smith himself is after the dinner: “The oldest of seven reads, something for my smallest of the four and so they get pleasure in language, reading and books. Kinderzwerfboek ensures that the most beautiful children’s books through neighborhoods to wander where an average of few books in the house, and that is a beautiful idea.”

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