Susan Smith raves about Femke Halsema

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Susan Smit is very happy with Femke Halsema as the mayor of Amsterdam. That let them know on Instagram.

Susan Smith

“What a great news! Femke Halsema is my new mayor”, responds the writer, and ’dreamer’ on the social medium. In the accompanying idyllic picture, the two together in the grass. Author Simone van der Vlugt can feel the joy of Smith imagine: “Yes, that is a funny idea, hey, if you are so together in the grass have been.”

It is a picture of a year ago when Femke by Susan was interviewed for a zomerinterview in the Margriet. Halsema was then preparing for her tour and said about her age: “It is also an age that you can almost forcing to thinking things, because you have only so many years in front of you: what do I want?”. Also she called herself a ’mother who was also in the adolescence is’ and let them know that they are politically not missed. A lot can change in a year.

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