Song contest-candidate Sennek is a full-time focus on music

Eurovision song contest-candidate Laura Groeseneken, better known by her artiestenaam Sennek, is fully engaged with the music. This is going so well that she has her job at IKEA, just stop.

The artist currently resides in Paris, to new material with which to work. “It is a great environment to get inspiration,” said Groeseneken to the Newspaper. “I will be there regularly, stay together with Maxime Tribeche to write songs. He produced ‘A Matter of Time. Of the five or six songs to be included will be one after the summer, to be released.”

Sennek, meanwhile, has already recorded three songs whose styles are very different. “Sometimes it is poppy, up-tempo and one of them is more than in the direction of ‘A Matter of Time’. My melancholic side I can’t hide”, sounds.

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