Six years in prison for Saakasjvili in Georgia

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TBILISI – A Georgian court has ex-head of state Mikhail Saakasjvili in absentia to six years in prison for abuse of power. The former president is during his tenure his booklet to the outside and is partly responsible for the beating of a member of the opposition in 2005.

Mikhail Saakasjvili

That has the state television announced on Thursday. Also other stakeholders have for several years, the cell.

Saakasjvili (50) was used from 2004 to 2013, president of the former Soviet republic. When he after that period of time the Ukrainian nationality was, he lost his Georgian. Saakasjvili hit last year in Kiev politics, in discord with president Petro Porosjenko, and has since stateloos. Now lives Saakasjvili in the Netherlands, where he has a residence permit could get because he is married with the Dutch Sandra Roelofs.

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