Sennek take a career break

963807df20be856bb0cdfc38a483fce8 - Sennek take a career break

Sennek take a career break. Know The Newspaper. She wants to work on new songs, and also her job at Ikea just for neighborhoods. Four months long she will be in the studio in Paris to stay. “A great environment to get ideas,” says Sennek. “I go on and off to there to write the songs with Maxime Tribeche, which is also my Songfestivallied A Matter of Time produced. Intended to get five or six songs. One of them is after the summer my new single. The other transfer I might be out on an ep, but that is not yet fixed. First I want to quiet everything to finish and then I go looking for a record company that allows it to click. I’m not going to be rushed.”

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