SEE: Zwanetta showing off new breasts

2898f41f7118467b81fd22bd8ee20dd5 - SEE: Zwanetta showing off new breasts

It now seems a trend to be under the Temptation Island-verleidsters; plastic surgery. Also Zwanetta here does happily, and bought three weeks ago a new set of breasts. Wednesday shows she is proud of her jewels.

“Love my new titties,” writes Zwanetta in a series of photos on Instagram. “Here the result of my breast augmentation after 3 weeks. Every day I find she is still more beautiful and fit me. Only the first week, I have a little bit of pain but not pain that is not bearable. I got my rest caught, so I am not too much trouble you’ve had. I can’t wait to get back without a bra to walk around with my new friends. I’m also really super nice and neat attached, the scars are nicely hidden under the breast fold.”

Except the two pictures of her girls clearly, she has a picture posted of how they look before the surgery like.

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