SEE: Enzo Knol lives out in trio

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A boy’s dream of Enzo Knol! The vlogger may play a role in the shooting of a trio…

Tuber has a guest appearance to address in Q3, Roller Disco, a new television series around Marthe, Klaasje and Hanne. That make the Enzo and the girls of K3 known via social media.

The vlogger assume the role of a connoisseur who the red-haired singer needs help when Marthe and Klaasje are in trouble. It seems that he has a second role is to address, possibly in another episode. In his vlog, he is two different characters

“I have a super fun day had by Q3 today! The pictures come only at the end of this year somewhere online, but I will by that time be aware to keep in the vlogs,” writes Enzo on YouTube.

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