Season finale Family: for whom is the bullet of Stan meant?

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9 broken relationships, 10 hospitalizations, 5 deaths. That is the provisional balance sheet of the eventful 27th season of Family. Figures on a sigh of the season finale may still be up. Because what Stan is up to? Remains Hanne permanently paralyzed after her accident? Looking for Stefanie, there is a danger in Nigeria? Does the relationship between Marie and Lars stand or raging passion back to #larsique? How far will Emma in the fight for her daughters? And explains to Lucas simply accept that? With these questions, the nearly 800,000 Family-viewers (live+delayed) to the extra-long slotaflevering of Friday 29 June 2018 to meet.
It come a few ticking time bombs to be detonated. Over the past weeks, the morbid jealousy of Stan (Kristof Verhassel) for his ex Evy (Marianne Devriese) and Martin (Michael Vroemans) all the necessary drama. With the unexpected collision of Hanne (Margot Hallemans). To viewers the question arises whether the designer of her crippled hand ever will be able to use. Stan bought in the biggest secret, a weapon, and let there be no doubt: he is ready for action. Also Evy wants, the cat is no longer off the tree look. She lures Stan out of his tent to the confrontation. But what is Stan up to? Who is at risk? Evy goes into the season finale right on its purpose.

The relationship of Emma (Bab Buelens) and Guido (Vincent Banic) appears to have cracks since it became known that their daughter Mila shortly after birth was mixed up with the little Milou. Mila’s biological dad Luke (Tom Viaene) is clear: he wants the children to change and his own daughter to claim it. Guido thinks not with his family, while Emma wants to fight to allow two girls. How far she goes in that battle? What actions, Luke? And can the chunks with Guido still be glued on? The conflict comes to a climax.
The struggle of a refugee Ayo (Adams Mensah) seems to be all over it. He was last week, the country deported and sent back to Nigeria. Stefanie (Jasmine Van Hoof) does not give, and promised to Ayo for him to follow. At the risk of his own life. She leaves her life in Belgium, really behind to be with him? And what does this news with Benny (Roel Vanderstukken)?
Lars (Kürt Rogiers) is located in the knot with his feelings and fled headlong into the Azores to think. Long he stayed not there, for Véronique (Sandrine André) traveled with him to talk. In the episode on Wednesday seemed to Lars, however, the knot to have a great evening. He hooked the phone is inexorable and broke so once and for all contact with Véronique. The curtain falls definitively on #larsique? The relationship between Lars and Marie (Lien Of the Basement) still have a chance to succeed? And what actions Mathias (Peter Bulckaen), who still has feelings for Véronique? The emotions arising in any case high in the seizoensslot.

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