Salah Abdeslam breaks the silence and justifies attacks Paris

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For months he has been silent, but Salah Abdeslam has Thursday against a French investigating judge yet talked about the attacks in Paris. He spoke of the massacre, where he has taken part but are bomgordel did not explode, good. Reports that RTL France.

The last surviving terrorist from the attacks in Paris on 13 november 2015, has for months refused to cooperate in the investigation of the facts. A testimony from him would be the officers much information can give about how the attacks are prepared for and what, if any, other plans were still there, but still they asked questions without the least reaction.


There is Thursday changed all that. Abdeslam appeared before the examining magistrate specialising in terrorism, and was a solid rant. Therein he said not a single word of regret, on the contrary: he spoke of the attacks well.

“We attack you because you pork eating, wine drinking, or listening to music,” he said. “The muslims defend themselves against those attacks. Put your anger aside and think, you undergo this suffering by the mistakes of your leaders.’

After that rant would Abdeslam again a silence, after which the examining judge him twenty pages full of questions read aloud. Not one time has he answered.

130 kill

In the attacks of Paris on 13 november were 130 victims and 7 terrorists killed. Abdeslam is the only survivor of the jihadist commands. He left his bomgordel not explode, fled, and was in march 2016 picked up in his thuisgemeente Molenbeek.

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