’Roda JC sends Ger Senden after thirty years away’

890d1bc918f1d5ad5d1c47ed550b5a6b - ’Roda JC sends Ger Senden after thirty years away’

KERKRADE – Roda JC sends Ger Senden after thirty years of loyal service road. He is the main victim of cutbacks.

According to The Observer, the former right back of his departure and confirmed he received it Thursday afternoon to hear. It would be according to the Limburg newspaper to a handful of redundancies.

Senden speaks of ’a hard decision’. Why exactly he needs to leave, his great love, he does not know, or does he want to in any case not say. “That you clubleiding. It is up to them to explain this.”

The layoff would be inevitable. The Kerkrade club must be sharply cut in the cost of the head above the water. “This is a difficult delivery. Some people reacted surprised, others less so. On all fronts, we look for solutions,” says Harm van Veldhoven, technical director.

Van Veldhoven is trying to be the new youth academy as much as possible to spare.

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