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Pornhub is accepted, TRON, and ZenCash: “The future has come … again”

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Yesterday it was the first time that rumors about the world’s leading website for adult entertainment – Pornhub – according to the Verge now TRON and ZenCash as a new payment options to accept. Since a few hours, the rumors are confirmed now. Pornhub has released a Video with the title “Pornhub and TRON: The future has come … again”.

Thus, Pornhub with Tron (TRX) and ZenCash (ZEN) will accept in a timely manner, two new crypto-payment options for Pornhub Premium. Users of the site can use TRON and ZenCash now, to buy subscriptions, or other content on other websites of the mindgeek group, including portals such as YouPorn, RedTube, Brazzers and Nataku,.

After the cooperation with the Verge TRON and ZenCash are the second and third project for Pornhub from the Crypto-Space. Before Verge took a few months before the big announcement, there was in the time before the announcement of a big Boom, but ended as soon as the then-secret partnership was unveiled, abruptly and in a decline in the price for Verge came to an end. In view of the fact that in the run-up to companies, such as Amazon and PayPal for the mysterious partnership in the conversation were, but was a little surprising. Many had expected “at least” a payment service provider, the Verge would give even greater reach.

How Verge a Privacy Coin, which is designed for the processing of anonymous transactions is ZenCash. ZenCash comes historically from the Zerocoin, and uses the zk-snark-protocols. These have the property that the receiver in the Public-are neither the sender, the amount and content of the transaction Blockchain recognizable. In contrast, TRON does not provide any Privacy Features. Even more remarkable is that TRON is the first, non-anonymous Coin that is accepted on Pornhub.

Of the partnership, Tron hopes to certainly be the establishment or the extension of its own user base. With more than 85 million users per day Pornhub is the 13. biggest website.

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