Paris and Prince to honor grandpa Joe Jackson

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Although Michael Jackson in interviews several times spoke about the trauma his father was concerned, had his daughter Paris a better relationship with Joseph Jackson. The 20-year-old has a tribute to her late grandfather on Instagram posted.

Joe Jackson

“You are the original Jackson, the legend that it all started. None of us would come close from where we are now, if you had not been,” wrote Paris. “You’re the strongest man I know, your life’s work will be in the history books, and you will too. I will each time that I with you have lived through and cherish until the day I die. My great-grandchildren will know who you were.”

The model posted a photo of her hand in that of her grandfather, taken during the last days of Joseph. “Those last moments with you, was everything to me. I could tell you what I had to tell you before I say goodbye you took was a blessing. Everyone who came did so with love, respect and pride. Proud of you, proud to your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Proud to you to have power and to be part of the dynasty that you have created. Proud to be a Jackson.”

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Joe Jackson (89) died

In the post tells Paris that her grandfather has asked her to come after his death. “You have that defined, and I’m with you there. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace and move on. I’ll see you very, very quickly in my dreams.”

Also, Paris’ brother Prince stood on Instagram silent on the death of Joe, which he called “the example of pure willpower and perseverance,” mentioned. “You taught me to be proud of the name Jackson and where that stands. You have taught me to persevere in difficult times, but above all, you have me strength and courage. There will never be someone like you.”

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