Numb continue to the Germans for the humiliation of staring

The Germany of 2018 is the Germany of Merkel that will be able to endure without cold pressed, see NRC-correspondent Juurd Eijsvooge

Street after street was Wednesday evening in Berlin, the same depressing sound to hear. No cries of despair, or shame about the bitter elimination at the world cup. No unruly dronkenmans gelal. Even …

Street after street was Wednesday evening in Berlin, the same depressing sound to hear. No cries of despair, or shame about the bitter elimination at the world cup. No unruly dronkenmans gelal. Not even the icy silence of the grief process, the humiliation that the reigning world champion, Germany!, for the first time in the history already in the group stage is disabled.

Street after street were the people in the cafés and on the terraces after the match, stunned for the large tv-screens. At full volume they showed the unimaginable reality and through that arrive at the mouth of the well-known tv commentators. Their merciless nabeschouwingen schalden through the streets, reflected against the houses, overstemden the birds and the traffic, and rubbed salt in the wound. “Worst world cup ever… unbelievable… dramatically… historical… reports… immensely disappointed… go home…”

Really unexpected of course, it was not. The friendly matches against Austria (lost) and Saudi Arabia (to tight profit) already had a warning. The doorzeurende grumbling about Özil and Gundogan and their meeting with Erdogan was a sfeerbederver of the turn. And when the party once started, there was that painful loss against Mexico.

But on Saturday, after the switch-off in the match against Sweden at the last minute was turned away, did everybody whether he believed in it. But everyone knew better.

Germany Is now on the map?

With a couple of neighbors came to the conversation for the umpteenth time in the absence of the Netherlands in this world cup and how that’s was possible. Benevolent and light-hearted I brought in that we fortunately Germany still had and that the Mannschaft at least to the finals would kick. The neighbor of four high looked at me painfully affected, and shook his head. “But elimination in the group stage, that can not, can not…” as If he already saw.

But Germany is now a total of the map? Yes, the German press drew on his websites all of the registers open. “The German doom”, was the headline in the Frankfurter Allgemeine. “The historical shame of the German national team”, honked die Welt. “Low point of German football”, concluded the ARD. And say that all but once against.

But it was a beautiful summer evening and life goes by and the Germany of 2018 is the Germany of Angela Merkel – that is to say: no more high cheering, at dead sad, but sober, collect and go without a lot of cold hustle and bustle.

The young German has Neymar Jr. on his shirt are

Of course it is bitter and sad – especially if you have two empty, but with German flags decorated bierfietsen about the pronkboulevard Unter den Linden looks to drive, looking for customers. Or if you are Mario Götze in front of you by the Invalidenstrasse see bicycles, with name and no. 19 on his back. It really could have been him, because one thing is for sure: to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS was Götze. Who gets it in his head than is calculated now with a Götze-shirt to go driving around? We took the world cup here with are all seriously enough?

Take a look at the football cage in the working-class Wedding. Here played the brothers Now as his boys for years, day in, day out to make their technique to exercise. An ordinary football cage in a park that name hardly deserves to be. But yes, an hour after the big defeat is already busy working on pedaling technique, bargaining and penalties. Two brothers of six and twelve may in turn, target shooting, their father encourages, corrects, and stands between the poles.

The oldest of the two trains three times a week at Hertha, he says proudly. Yes, he admits, he had a little cry at the elimination. The youngest has Neymar Jr. on his shirt, and a promising shot in his legs. Germany can rest assured, the new generation is coming.

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