Netanyahu: ‘Can you imagine how difficult it is to prevent Ronaldo scores?’

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday a video on Facebook posted that his support extends to Iranian protesters. Therein, he refers to the missed penalty kick by Cristiano Ronaldo against Iran at the world cup in Russia.

Netanyahu congratulated from behind his desk and with a ball in hand, the Iranian football team for their match against Portugal.

‘Can you imagine how difficult it is to prevent Ronaldo scores? It is almost impossible, but the Iranian soccer team did the impossible. You showed courage see on the football field.’

But the Israeli prime minister made use of the opportunity to experience protests in Iran to support: “Today showed you the same courage in the streets of Tehran.’

With this message he refers to the Iranian citizens who are since Monday in central Tehran protest against the economic crisis in the country. The Iranian people fear that the economic situation in their country will deteriorate by the decision of the American president Donald Trump to get out of the nuclear agreement.

According to Netanyahu, should Iran seek solutions for the ‘air pollution’ and ‘water scarcity’ in the country, in place of ‘money to squander in Syria, Yemen and the unnecessary wars in the Middle East.’

It is remarkable that the Israeli prime minister is using the world cup to its political message to the Iranian people.

Netanyahu is not the only politician that the demonstrations in Iran supports. So, Mike Pompeo, the American minister for Foreign Affairs, on Wednesday tweeted that he understands that the Iranians are ‘the corruption, the injustice and the incompetence of their leaders are tired.’

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