Nesta wants PSV-defender The Point at Perugia

8a40e6a6d94a6eb86ccacdd89ac14b4b - Nesta wants PSV-defender The Point at Perugia

Alessandro Nesta wants to PSV-defender Jordy de Wijs to Perugia. The 78-times Italian international’s coach of the club from the Serie B, which is currently in negotiation with the Locals.

Jordy de Wijs in the shirt of Excelsior

Perugia, that in the last season via the play-offs for promotion to Serie A misliep, hoping PSV can convince by the salary of The Point to take over, and agree on a doorverkooppercentage in the future. The defender sees himself the step to sit. He may be in Italy to train and play under the former topverdediger of Lazio Roma and AC Milan.

The Point played the last one and a half season rental for Excelsior Rotterdam, where he made an excellent impression made Mitchell van der Gaag.

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