Michael Douglas jealous co-actor Paul Rudd

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Douglas would also like to comic texts received

Michael Douglas was “a little jealous” on Paul Rudd during the filming of the new Ant-Man sequel, because he has all the funny texts had received. The two actors are reuniting for Ant-Man and the Wasp, in which Michael returns if Dr. Hank Pub, the scientist who for the first time, the shrinking superhero created, with Paul in the role of the new incarnation of Ant-Man.

The star of Wall Street has only good things to say about Paul, but he admits that he is slightly annoyed when he discovered that he himself of all the technical texts in the film was, and that he has not got the chance to comical moments for themselves. “He is a dear man, he is a great guy, very talented,” says Michael Paul. “I’m a little jealous,” confessed the 73-year-old. “He has a great sense for comedy. I had about the storyline carry, all that scientific stuff. I would make me way through a scene and jobs, Paul with a funny moment at the end of the scene, as it were, steal!”

Michael hopes is likely to make a few jokes to make the studiobazen decide to make a other movie of Ant-Man, although he recently had the idea of a prequel has suggested that focusing more on the background of Dr. Pub concentrates.

Ant-Man and the Wasp, with Evangeline Lilly as the daughter of the Pub, aka the Wasp, is starting next week in the cinemas to see.

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