Merkel: migratievraagstuk can fate EU determine

5a709e8e8a4d5b8a96bf46a13eca1f9f - Merkel: migratievraagstuk can fate EU determine

BERLIN – disagreements about asielpolitiek can the destiny and the unity of the European Union to determine. Therefore warned the German chancellor Angel Merkel in the Bundestag, just before the European summit Thursday and Friday in Brussels. The disagreement divides not only the EU, but also the christian democratic party of Merkel herself.

The Bavarian wing of the christian democrats (CSU) under the guidance of Interior minister Horst Seehofer has demanded that Merkel after the summit, a stricter European approach of migrants may be present. Otherwise the Federal republic on her borders, losing migrants to go bad. Seehofer himself was absent in the Bundestag when Merkel, her speech couldn’t live.

Merkel said that it is not probable that his wish at the summit in Brussels the truth. Merkel acknowledged that the EU member states are currently not willing to a single joint asylum policy.

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