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Max Verstappen is to disagree with Lewis Hamilton: “F1-circuit of Red Bull is fun to racing.”

c5854ab28ae12fe0621e1cc463158d66 - Max Verstappen is to disagree with Lewis Hamilton: "F1-circuit of Red Bull is fun to racing."

Max Verstappen does not agree with Lewis Hamilton that Red Bull Ring is a circuit where you can hardly overtake. Logically defends the Dutch Red Bull pilot thuiscircuit of his F1-renstal.

Last week put Lewis Hamilton at the Circuit Paul Ricard during the GP of France his pole into a victory. Nevertheless, he had little good to say about the circuit.

The quadruple world champion will also see do not immediately feel better for this coming weekend and he describes the Red Bull Ring as very difficult to overtake. Max Verstappen of his hand, did not agree, and finds it very Spielberg, very fun to race, as can be read in the ‘Daily Express’.

“It really is a fun track, the second sector is my favorite,” said Verstappen. “When you’re in the middle of the track is reached you have two consecutive left turns, that really enjoyable.”

“This year there will also be a special stand for the Dutch fans, that will be extra special. There will, in fact, a Dutch camping just outside the circuit, the ‘Max Verstappen Village.’ I have heard that there are about five thousand fans will be, that is undoubtedly nice and loud.”

Verstappen is not only happy to go to Austria for the Red Bull Ring but he also likes the food.

“I love Schnitzel and Kartoffelsalat, I’m going to do my very best to some of the local specialities.”

Lewis Hamilton is afraid that the result of the race is already a foregone conclusion will be even before they left.

It is great that it is now close in qualifying but a good start is crucial because in that job you can not overtake,” said Hamilton. “Even with that long straight pieces, it is very, very difficult to overtake, there will be strong from hanging who is on what place qualifies.”

However, the Brit the weekend hope to meet and he expected the most resistance from the angle of Red Bull.

“The track has us always well located, I don’t see why this year would be different. I think especially the Red Bulls, strong will, because it’s a job that a lot of downforce requires, it is so interesting,” concludes Hamilton.

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