Marvel introduces LGBTQ superheroes

c2554bcfbfe796edec4e6726969560f8 - Marvel introduces LGBTQ superheroes

Superhero franchise Marvel put in more diversity, but until now there were never LGBTQ-heroes in their films. After more than ten years and nineteen films that will finally change.

In an interview with The Playlist, says Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, that there will be a LGBTQ-characters in the example, appears. Much he did not loose the character, but he does say that it is both an existing superhero as if to a new.

In the movie Valkyrie was originally a lesbian scene, but this was cut out because the film is too wide. For fans of the Marvel comic books come the new heroes not as a surprise, in the drawn superheldenwereld come homosexual heroes long for.

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