Libiër sentenced to 22 years in prison for attack on Us consulate in Benghazi

Libiër Ahmed Abu Khatallah (47) is Wednesday sentenced to 22 years in prison for his role in the terrorist attack in 2012 on the diplomatic mission in Benghazi. That, says the U.s. department of Justice in a press release. When the attack came the ambassador of the United States and three other American citizens.

Khatallah was in June 2014, arrested and brought to the U.S., where he is on his trial, waiting for the court of first instance in Washington. A jury found him in november of guilty after a trial of seven weeks. He was accused of eighteen facts, but was for the most part, including murder, acquitted.

The public prosecutor accused him of being the attack organized to have in which ambassador Christopher Stevens and three civilians died. They argued that Khatallah as the leader of an extremist militia. In the months before the attack, he tried to incite violence against the U.S. presence in Libya.

During the attack, positioning himself on the edge of the safety zone around the consulate. He loved others, the emergency services, to the place of the facts to hit.

The jury found him guilty of four offences. It included support to terrorists and destruction of property.

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