Leaf close return at Ajax not

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Peter Bosz cherishes no resentment since Ajax since his departure from the club in the summer of 2017.

Peter Bosz and Dennis Bergkamp.

The ex-international still has warm feelings for Ajax and connect a return at any time, as he said last night at Soccer Inside. “Certainly, why not? Despite the fact that cooperation very difficult went, I have been very very good to my liking. There are a lot of warm people within that club. I was less than just when Ajax remained,” said Bosz.

The 54-year-old Apeldoorner left a year ago after a year at Ajax to Borussia Dortmund, because Ajax are a number of requirements would not grant. So wanted Bosz a different interpretation of the technical staff. At Borussia he was finally, in december, dismissed. Of the German club, he received a large lump sum.

The leadership of Ajax currently has full confidence in coach Erik ten Hag and gives all the support to the successor of Marcel Emperor. But it is for Ajax good to know that, should it go wrong, Bosz a second period of time in Amsterdam, not in advance exclude.

Bosz is in a lot of fans are still incredibly popular. In addition, staff members Hennie Spijkerman and Dennis Bergkamp last season on the non-active set. Two people within Ajax, with whom Bosz hardly fit through a door. “In the trainerskamer we worked just not together. Bergkamp was not the stumbling block, but part of it. As I said, “I’m on the level played,” said Bergkamp: ’you have only to Feyenoord played.’ I think I level have played.”

In an earlier stage, was Frank de Boer already polled how he compared to a return state at Ajax. The Farmer captured between 2011 and 2014 four league titles with Ajax.

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