Kensington gets a medal

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Kensington will be honored with their own medal. The Royal Dutch Mint does this in the framework of the ten-year anniversary of the band.

With a historical slingerpers carried out Kensington on 14 July the ceremonial first started. Does the Utrecht-based band in the Johan Cruijff Arena, where the lord, which was Saturday, a sold-out concert. 538-dj Sander Lantinga will be also of the party. Casper Starreveld responded in The Coen and Sander Show delighted: “It is a very exclusive product and we are very honored and we find the fucking fat that we now have a currency. That is really ridiculous?.”

On the front of the medal shows the four band members: Casper, Jan Haker, and Eloi Youssef and Niles Vandenberg. In the edge of the medal is the band name and the year 2018 twice engraved. On the back is the logo of the band. The medal was designed by Juan José Sánchez Castaño and costs 9,95 euro.

Kensington got earlier this year is also the Popprijs. That prestigious award, the Utrecht-based band due to ten times a sold-out Ziggo Dome, countless awards, platinum singles and albums.

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