Kemna Casting change name

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A striking maneuver of the besieged Kemna Casting. The company will continue under a different name. From today, the Post Castelijn Casting call confirms the company Thursday afternoon to be Private.

The Kemna Casting, Job Gosschalk seems with the new name, forever in the past to be

The name change is one of the measures which since november has taken. The official statement from the company reads: “Post/Castelijn consists of working independently casting directors/partners who, together with their assistant(s) in small teams. They can support each other, but continue to work completely autonomously.’

However, it is also a strategic move, now, for them, the aftermath of the scandal surrounding the alleged abuse by the now on the side regular castingdirecteur Job Gosschalk is palpable. Producers seem more often to look any further than the previously beaten path and also know other Dutch casting agencies to find them again.

Back to base

Where Kemna Casting for themselves a monopoly of the had managed to create, by gradually and also to produce and a major influence on the agendas of the different actors, aim Post Castelijn now again on its core activities where it once began: the cast of actors.

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Kemna and Job Gosschalk permanently from each other

The shares are now by Job Gosschalk transferred to Job Castelijn, Betty Post and Marc van Bree. Together with Janusz Gosschalk, they are the partners of Post Castelijn Casting.


Since the #MeToo scandal in America began with the many allegations of abuse to the address of fimproducent Harvey Weinstein, were soon also in the Netherlands, rumours about the misuse of which actors were a victim. It took until mid-november, before the name of Job Gosschalk openly was called. This was done in publications from The Telegraph and Nieuwe Revu, after multiple actors and their stories were of sexual harassment or abuse by the castingdirecteur, director and producer. The day before the publications were in danger, the manufacturer is soon find themselves with an explanation.

Now he would abroad a course, have followed and as a result are victims to call, and their voice messages say or whatsapp-send messages in which he indicates his excuses to want to offer. Arie Boomsma is at his request went with it.

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