Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, died

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Joe Jackson, father of the legendary pop star Michael Jackson and the patriarch of the singing gezinshelft, yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 89 died. That report entertainmentsite TMZ on the authority of sources in the family. Jackson was suffering from cancer.

Joseph Walter (Joe) Jackson was born on 26 July 1928 in Fountain Hill in the U.s. state of Arkansas. With his wife Katherine Scruse he got ten children. He started with his brother Luther, a music career but not for him turned out to play. But Joe Jackson discovered that some of his kids have musical talent. It marked the birth of the Jackson 5, consisting of his sons Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael. He himself was manager.

In 1969, the company obtained a contract with the soullabel Motown, and started the road to fame. Joe Jackson also launched the solo career of Michael, who himself the “King of Pop” was crowned, and his daughter Janet.

In many posts is that Joe Jackson is a strict father was, and is, for example, became violent during rehearsals of the Jackson 5. Despite his complicated relationship was Joe and his son Michael during his controversial trial for child abuse, that an acquittal ended.

The most famous of the Jackson 5, Michael, died in 2009. In 2016 began Joe Jackson with health problems. This month he ended up with terminal cancer in a hospital. There he died yesterday at 12.30 pm Belgian time, according to TMZ.

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