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IOT: IOTA-Partner reasons, the Alliance for Autonomous vehicles

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With the Networking for Autonomous Vehicles Alliance, the German Alliance for Autonomous vehicles, the IOTA-partners Volkswagen and Bosch, with Nvidia and Aquantia. Together, the Alliance wants to take in the future, the business around Autonomous vehicles.

There are big companies that have now closed. With the Networking for Autonomous Vehicles Alliance (NAV) want Nvidia, Bosch, Volkswagen, Aquantia and other Tech companies are taking a market that will play in the future a big role in The Ecosystem of the Internet of things (IoT).

Large amounts of data: the Alliance for Autonomous vehicles to attack major market

It comes to a large collection of data, is obvious. Finally, the Internet of things consists of machines that communicate with each other. In order to get this data, ultimately, in the handle, was the NAV.

The NAV connects initially a manufacturer of Hardware with car manufacturers, to form a first bridge. Together, the merger would like to work on a standardised method for the development of self-driving cars. These Standards are supposed to save you in the management of the data, especially time and money.

Among the members of the company Aquantia, Continental, Nvidia, and people are in the car, as well as other Tech companies are also in the area of Artificial intelligence.

Also IBM is working on Internet-of-things solutions

The Internet of things and its technical implications are an area that employs not only the newly established NAV. So IBM is currently searching for a solution, the Proof-of-Work-procedures for the IoT. In April, the company filed for a Patent. With your new procedure, you want to make it possible that devices can run in the IoT blockchain-based Smart Contracts.

The most well-known Association from the crypto world to the IOTA Foundation is in this area. The project founder Dominik Schiener is, ultimately, designed a payment option for the Internet of things to provide. With the possibility of micro-transactions on IOTAs Tangle process, therefore, for an Ecosystem that makes the Pay of the machines to each other. Whether you can enforce IOTA, ultimately, is in the crypto-Community is controversial.

The IOTA rate currently stands at just 0,83 Euro. Thus, the course lost in a 24-hour comparison of 0.4 percent. In the weekly course of making a loss of 15.5 percent, in the monthly course of a loss of 28.4 percent (as of 27.06.).

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