’I’m glad Alex did it’

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Spoiler alert – After the first bonfire, the statues hard when we arrived at the participants of Temptation Island. Mainly the female partners of stroke and burst frequently into tears. Only Amijé can in her hands squeezing, her Donny there were no crazy images. It seems that Rosanna and Niels’ their relationship is not second Temptation is going to survive…

Is it now really is over between the Temptation-veterans?

Rosanna is so difficult, after Niels in left tackle by the frivolous Fabiola, that she implies that their relationship, what her concerns ready. The blonde is so pissed off, that she even shouts: “I am glad that I made last year with Alex gene**kt you.” Apparently, her mouth is bigger than her heart, because in the later clips she is starting to cry, and that while Niels still no real slip, has… The lord, in contrast, do not care, though Ruud did they understand that he is in the danger zone goes.

On the fifth day of may all the participants once again on date with the seducers. Ruud is not so skilled with balls, as is apparent from the activity that he is with temptress, Kelly does. His girlfriend Rowena is with ’a buddy’ on the road, but the poor man may primarily act as a listening ear, and all the lives about her guy hear.

Donny prefers to play it again, play it safe and refuses to massage date with Danique. “Super respectful”, says Danique. Even Amijé seems to be infected with the tranenvirus, because when they are in the camera, talks about her Roelvink shoot them, however, vol. Together with the technician, Steven, she goes snorkeling. On a to own ’salty mouth’ after, according to her ’very very cool’.

Gelina, actually already since the beginning of the program with her heart under her arm walks, go in a cave, a bite to eat with Karim. After this dinner, can you, as a viewer, one lesson to pull out: don’t stop, just put everything in your mouth. Her Stefano is going to be on the road with Dorien and despite earlier agreements about drinking – ’a maximum of two drinks is the appointment’ – he feels volgieten. “If there is no camera’s were, he was certainly easy to seduce”, trust Dorien us.

The Roelvinktelg has a different getaway been offered and tequila is no problem with his fitboy diet. “I’m really teringlam boys.” That is the case, proves to be the fragment to which he Danique let us know: “If I strangely want to go, I make sure that no one finds out.” That promises is in any case what a spectacle at the next campfire.

Seducer Jay during the date his cooking show. To eat their culinary delights let Rosanna know that she Niels ’p*k off, and want to chop’. Jay says that Rosanna primarily to ’support and a p**mel’ needs and reports any really serious that he could provide.

The previously promised surprise keeps the minds busy in the mannenvilla. Who or what would it be? Donny knows it almost certainly: a new temptress. Not soon after showing up at the beach bar where the women are that Don was right: the veteran Zwanetta announces with a revealing dance her presence among the women.


Niels who freak out after the suggestion that the ’surprise’ sometimes Alex would be. “I have no meaning in man, you know,” says Niels.


The rather tame dates. This episode is there – except for the drunk comment by Donny – nothing exciting happened. But with the arrival of Alex in the next episode, promises to be the plottwist a lot of emotions to release.


Drunk people speak the truth. At least, so the saying goes. But says Donny with the unveiling ’as I strangely want to go, I make sure that nobody finds out’, that he was not averse?

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