Hot weather measures for a concert Ed Sheeran

ec6406459a1097bb3b5590c3a16c96cf - Hot weather measures for a concert Ed Sheeran

Next Sunday in a sold-out Festivalpark: Ed Sheeran. There are 65.000 concert-goers expected. Will also of the party are: the sun and warm temperatures. The concert organizer takes measures to ensure that all in the best of circumstances can be.

The first keyword: water. Festival goers and staff will be asked to drink enough. There is free water available at all toilet blocks. The departed is one drankbon good for a 50cl bottle of Spa Pure. Double portion so. A rule, which, by the way, since a few years always apply in the Festivalpark. There are on-site also verfrissingspunten with non-potable water. And in the back in the Festivalpark, between the newly planted trees, is a misting system installed.

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