Heirs Prince closing the deal with Sony Entertainment about 35 titles

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Sony Music Entertainment (SME), and the heirs of Prince have a deal closed, which 35 previously released albums of the late pop star in control of the company, the latest effort to preserve the legacy of the American poplegende to commercialize. The albums that are included in the agreement, are distributed through Legacy Recordings, a division of SME. The relatives of the Prince should be keep to an agreement that the singer closed with Tidal, the music platform of rapper Jay-Z. A judge in Carver County be a request of three of them to the deal to reconsider, reports Billboard.

Since the sudden death of the singer in april 2016, the heirs, his brothers and sisters, an agreement entered into with the three major record labels: Sony, Universal and Warner. Yet verbergde the artist during his life, his criticism on this industry.

“Prince is a true artist and visionary and has changed the world with his music. He brought love, joy and inspiration for millions of people,” says Richard Story, president of SME in a press release. “Sony Music is honored to play a role in the in life love Prince’s music and make it available for generations of listeners and future fans.”

In 2018 are nineteen albums of Prince to hear it through the record company. Among those titles are “The Gold Experience” (1995), “Emancipation” (1996), “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic” (1999), “The Rainbow Children” (2001) and “3121” (2006).

From 2021 gets Sony the rights of twelve other albums, such as “Controversy”, “1999” or “Around the World in a Day”. Only “Purple Rain”, the most famous album of the superstar from Minneapolis, is excluded.

Prince signed in 2015 a contract with Tidal, which, inter alia, the exclusive right to the stream of previously unreleased music. The heirs of the singer and the music platform there are since his death in april 2016 in the clinch.

Last month, the administrators of the legacy of Prince and the music-company to a settlement, which the survivors now had to review. They are based on unconfirmed reports in the Norwegian media, that Tidal the streamingcijfers to rosy to the outside.

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