Guus Meeuwis new Unicef ambassador

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Guus Meeuwis is the new ambassador of Unicef. The singer will push for the vulnerable children in the Netherlands and abroad, so made the children’s fund Thursday known.

He traveled last week to South Africa to see how the organization helps children. He visited a children’s hospital where it is successful, the infant mortality rate by more than fifty percent to reduce. “By train, by patience, by good people, information, respect for mother and child, by the right resources”, says Guus. “The basis of the success was as simple as logical: love. Love for the babies and for the mothers. It’s the people in the hospital that make the difference between life and death. Heroes are it for me.”

Guus Meeuwis was already involved in the work of Unicef. Last year he came in action for Syrian children on the flight.

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