First footage from Felix Van Groeningen, are American film

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The first American movie of our Belgian pride, director Felix Van Groeningen, is to come. On november 21, plays the ‘Beautiful Boy’ in the cinema, a film about a drug addict son. Film The Searchers shows today the first images. Brace yourself!

In ‘Beautiful Boy’, we see Timothée Chalamet as Nic. Nic has a very good relationship with his father, David (played by Steve Carell). The world of David collapses when he discovers that his son with a drug addiction faces. He put everything on the line to Nic to help, but how can you manage someone who might not have been saved wants to be? With ‘Beautiful Boy’ tells Of Groeningen the true story of an unconditional love between a father and his son.
Recently, the film director father himself. Together with his friend and actress Charlotte Vandermeersch, they were the parents of Rufus. “I knew during the shoot that I father would be, and then you think still, after about how your child will grow up”, he tells The Latest News. Also Vandermeersch was immediately emotionally by the story. “’The Broken Circle Breakdown’ was also a big story for parents, but in a different way. There died the child. Now it lives, but you can’t help, no matter how hard you try. That is so frustrating and painful, I think that you also physically feel,” adds he. Van Groeningen is one of the greatest directors in Belgium and since the Oscar nomination of The Broken Circle Breakdown in 2012, he is also popular outside our borders. Here and there are Hollywooddebuut already tipped for an Oscar, but the director is happy with both feet on the ground. “I’m going to enjoy what will come, but I’m not going to say that my ambition anyway in America,” says Van Groeningen in The Latest News.

Watch now the official trailer:

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