European leaders trip over stubborn Italian prime minister Conte

c76e380fe51f18f4405ebcc6cec07fd0 - European leaders trip over stubborn Italian prime minister Conte

The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has Thursday denied the first part of the conclusions of the European summit to approve it. That is very unusual, but would be inspired by the Italian dissatisfaction with the attitude of the other countries in the migratiedebat.

The European heads of state and government held during the first part of their top a debate about the international trade relations. Their joint conclusions should normally then be approved, but ” because one member of his views on the whole of the conclusions could not express’, there was no text is adopted, reports the spokesperson of European Council president Donald Tusk.

It is the Italian delegation that dwarsligt. The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte, in his first top choose to participate, would the conclusions only want to approve as well as the hatch migration has been handled. The government in Rome accuses the other member states that they are too little solidarity, and draw up frontlijnstaten as Italy and Greece and would be on the top of a breakthrough want to force it.

By the Italian resistance is a scheduled press conference by Tusk and commission President Jean-Claude Juncker canceled. Also that is very unusual.

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